Skincare With Organic Vitamin C

Posted on 13 March 2015

Organic Vitamin C

Most people do not consider skin an organ, but in fact, our skin happens to be the largest organ of our entire body.  As with the heart, kidneys, lungs, and among all the others, our skin requires daily care to keep it healthy and looking great and to ensure it keeps up well with its job – to serve as the best barrier between our insides and the rest of the world.  In short, our skin is vitally important to our overall well being.

We at Azure Naturals know how our skin is affected by everything that goes on in our lives.  Impacts include the part of the world we live in, the food we consume, and the type of job we hold.  All these factors have the ability to harm or heal our skin, and with so much to consider, we found that the best way to preserve skin is through the right maintenance.

Organic vitamin C ensures the proper production of collagen, a protein, which goes hand in hand with the best care for skin.  Our skin requires collagen in order to combat and rejuvenate damaging effects such as environmental pollutants and ultraviolet radiation.  With time, overexposure to these elements, improper skin care, and lack of sufficient amounts of collagen could lead to damaged skin.

Luckily, Azure Naturals has researched, tested, and finally bottled a vitamin C product line, which not only gives your skin beauty, but brings it to health so it can function properly as a strong part of your body.  


The Staples For Your Skin

Besides eating healthy, drinking plenty of water, and living a balanced life, correct skin care means cleansing it thoroughly, properly, and with the most effective products.  In addition, the importance of moisture should never be underestimated.   Besides these facts, using the vitamin C product line made by Azure Naturals will bring you to revitalized skin.

Our best selling Ultimate Vitamin C Serum provides the highest maintenance for healthy and younger looking skin.  Studies have shown applying vitamin C directly onto skin is 20 times more effective than taking an oral supplement for beneficial qualities.  Our serum contains one of the highest levels of organic vitamin C of any beauty product on the market today; ingredients include:

  • 22% Vitamin C
  • 11% Hyaluronic Acid
  • 1% Vitamin E
  • 1% Ferulic Acid
  • Organic Aloe
  • Amino Complex
  • Organic Jojoba Oil

The ingredients used for our Ultimate Vitamin C Serum are top quality and plant-based - 98% natural and 72% organic.  We never include alcohol, parabens, or GMOs.

Azure Naturals also makes a Sweet Orange Infused Organic Vitamin C Facial Cleanser and Toner.  Both products contain 15% vitamin C and include sweet orange peel infused essential oil.  They work instantly with your skin and never leave a residue.

Our cleanser is made with Shea butter and palm oil and produces a rich and creamy consistency when lathered onto your skin.  You will instantly feel toxins and impurities being lifted, leaving behind refreshing and replenished healthy skin.  After using our cleanser, we suggest you follow with our toner and then with our Ultimate Vitamin C Serum.

The final product in our vitamin C product line is our Ultimate Vitamin C Sweet Orange Organic Moisturizer, which also contains 15% vitamin C along with MSM, organic aloe, green tea, and sweet orange peel.   We recommend using it last – right after our Ultimate Vitamin C Serum.  Our moisturizer will help diminish wrinkles and give you a tighter, toned, and healthier complexion.

Whether you decide to purchase our vitamin C product line individually or all together for the best skincare regimen, we have so much confidence in their effectiveness and high quality that we give a one-year money back guarantee.  We want our customers to love our products, and anything less means that you will get a full refund – including shipping.


Final Thoughts 

The benefits of vitamin C for skin have been known since the ancient times.  Many civilizations had various techniques for topical application and modern scientists have taken heed.  Hence, Azure Naturals has harnessed the power of organic vitamin C in its product line.

Our Sweet Orange Infused Organic Vitamin C Facial Cleanser, Toner, and Moisturizer, and the Ultimate Vitamin C Serum have all been developed to ensure our customers achieve beautiful and healthy skin.  We have carefully selected the finest ingredients, upheld the highest environmental standards, and have never tested our products on animals.  Therefore, our products have our customers, as well as our environment’s well being in mind.

Our Ultimate Vitamin C Gift Set includes all four products, making your purchase easy if you want to commit to receiving the best benefit in skin refinement, fading of sunspots and discoloration, reduction in fine lines and wrinkles, and protection in future damage.

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