Organic Vitamin C Anti-Aging Superstar

Posted on 14 April 2015

Organic Vitamin C

If you have taken the time to research products at the skincare aisles in your local pharmacy or high-end department store, then you know how confusing finding the right product can be. The truth is that taking care of your skin is as important as in keeping any other organ in your body healthy and functioning well.

Of course, every product on the market will boast of its spectacular effectiveness; however, very few will have scientific research backing their claims. Organic vitamin C is an ingredient that has withstood the test of time and continues to pile up an abundance of research-proven results for an astonishing amount of benefits for the skin.

Vitamin C can be considered the superstar of vitamins. It provides potent antioxidant protection and can shield the skin from free radical damage that comes from pollution in the air and the sun. When you think about it, your skin is under constant assault from all of these toxins. The good news is that vitamin C when used in topical form can actually help reverse signs of age and bring your skin back to a healthier look.


Radiant Skin with our Organic Vitamin C Line

Azure Naturals has developed an organic vitamin C family product line that is both unique and effective.  Vitamin C is the main ingredient and it’s mixed in with other botanicals that contribute to the skin’s vitality. Some of the other ingredients that you will find in our organic vitamin C products include:

  • organic aloe
  • green tea
  • sweet orange peel essential oil
  • rose hip
  • shea butter
  • hyaluronic acid

All of the ingredients that go into our products are made in the USA and are fully plant based.  We carefully select organic and natural ingredients and develop our formulas in an advanced FDA registered facility.  Moreover, we have a cruelty-free policy and absolutely never test on animals.

The popularity of Azure Naturals’ Organic Vitamin C product family lies in the effectiveness of using all the products in your daily skincare routine.  Once you commit to a good skincare routine, you will begin to notice positive changes to your skin as it advances back to health and beauty.  Our products include:

  •      The Sweet Orange Infused Organic 15% Vitamin C Facial Cleanser – This cleanser is packed with potent botanicals, which will lift and remove any impurities that lay in your skin.  Toxins, makeup, and excess oils will be removed with the lather and leave you feeling refreshed and tingly clean.
  •      The Sweet Orange Infused Organic 15% Vitamin C Facial Toner – The suggestion is to use our toner after using the cleanser.  This product will leave your skin nourished, balanced, and toned.  In addition, it will provide the ultimate base conditioning without any greasy residue.
  •      The Ultimate Vitamin C Skin Repair Serum – With 22% vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, and amino complex, you can really expect the best skin benefits from this serum.  Dab a tiny bit onto your face and neck after using our cleanser and toner and you will soon experience more youthful skin with the elimination of wrinkles, age spots, and sag.
  •      The Sweet Orange Infused Organic 15% Vitamin C Facial Moisturizer – The recommendation is to use our moisturizer after the serum for optimal results.

Our organic vitamin C products are affordable, easy to order from our website, and can be bought individually or as a set.  When used together you can expect even better results, due in large part to the high concentration of organic vitamin C and other carefully selected ingredients.

There is no obligation on your part, and if you are not completely thrilled with your purchase we offer a full one year unlimited money back guarantee, which can include shipping charges.  We are that confident in all our products.  

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