Organic Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a critical role in your overall health with its numerous antioxidant benefits and its ability to combat an assortment of ailments.  There is little wonder why it has captured the number one spot for the most popular vitamin on the market. Although its benefits were widely known among ancient civilizations, as of late, vitamin C has seen resurgence in mainstream beauty products for skin improvements, and it is not hard to understand why.

Most people know that by eating an abundance of vitamin C-rich food, all your organs will reap the benefits from this super vitamin.  You will also enjoy a sense of good overall well being.  Often misunderstood, intake of vitamin C – whether it is through healthy food or supplements, does little for one of your most important organs:  the skin.

In order to get the maximum effects of vitamin C for your skin’s health and resilience, it must be applied topically. The vitamin C levels in our skin are highest the younger we are.  However, as the years go by the levels go down due to factors such as:

  •      UV Light
  •      Aging
  •      Pollutants
  •      Cigarette Smoke

In fact, our skin goes through daily assaults due to these elements and more.  That is why we have to be cognizant to provide daily care for our skin, in much the same way we care for our teeth with good and daily oral hygiene.


Our Vitamin C Product Line

We are excited to introduce our Vitamin C products, which are affordable, high quality, and carry our 100% money back guarantee. We are that confident that you will love our products as soon as you use them! Azure Naturals has developed four products in its vitamin C line that should be used together for the ultimate benefits against anti-aging and improvements in skin tone.

Your daily routine should begin with our Sweet Orange Infused Organic Vitamin C Cleanser, which produces a rich and creamy lather once applied with a bit of water onto your face. Made with sweet orange peel infused oil and loaded with powerful botanicals, it has the ability to remove all the impurities that come from make-up and the environment that lodge onto the skin. What you are left with is fresher, healthier, and glowing skin that not only feels clean and refreshed but also begins to reverse the signs of unevenness, fine lines, and wrinkles.

The next step in your daily skin routine is to use our Sweet Orange Infused Organic Vitamin C Toner for base conditioning and should be applied directly to your face after cleansing.  You can expect it to be absorbed quickly and easily and with no greasy residue.  Our toner, as well as our cleanser, contain 15% pure organic vitamin C and will leave your skin nourished and hydrated.

After cleansing and applying toner, you should utilize our showstopper:  Azure Naturals Ultimate Vitamin C Serum with an astonishing 22% pure organic vitamin C. Other ingredients include hyaluronic acid, vitamin E, ferulic acid, organic aloe, amino complex, and organic jojoba oil.  In combination, these powerful substances create the best agents for:

  • sun damaged skin
  • uneven tones and discolorations
  • future skin damage
  • smooth skin texture
  • firmness
  • stimulation of collagen production
  • reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

Our serum is so potent that just a few drops in the morning and the evening will suffice to provide you with unsurpassed skin protection and optimal benefits.

Finally, many people tend to underestimate the importance of moisture for the skin.  Besides the obvious benefits of daily moisturizing for repair and damage, it also stimulates the skin to circulate which in turn helps boost collagen production.  As with our cleanser and toner, our Sweet Orange Infused Organic Vitamin C Moisturizer contains 15% vitamin C for fast and effective results.


Our Philosophy and Mission

When we established our company, Azure Naturals, we made a commitment to provide skincare products made from natural and organically certified botanicals and essential oils.  We knew then as we know now, premium products are only as good as the ingredients that go into them.  So for that reason, we will continue to use the Earth’s best bounty in everything we make.

Our practices in the testing and creation of our skin care products keep the protection of the environment as well as animal friendly practices in mind.  We have never tested our products on animals and never will; and the ingredients that we use come from sustainably harvested herbs and plants in order to maintain your health as well as our precious environment.

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